The Ultimate cover up for plain old or unsightly designs, stamped concrete is designed to transform ordinary concrete into bold and exciting textured surfaces offering an array of patterns to enhance any decor or hardscape.


Beautiful and Affordable

Amazing Concrete Finishes Jamaica stamped concrete maintains the practicality of concrete yet transforms it into a surface full of aesthetic appeal by recreating the natural beauty of stone, rock, ceramic, brick and even wood. 


Stamped concrete is a monolithic concrete slab and therefore not subject to sinking or settling. This is the great difference between continuously reinforced concrete slabs and unit pavers or natural stone all of which are more sensitive to thermal shocks. 

Easy to Maintain

Designs and colours remain unchanged over years because they are integral to the slab itself. They have additional resistance to ultraviolet rays and they require no specific maintenance. Day after day and year after year.

Solid and Resistant

By treating the surfaces appropriately with special hardeners before stamping, Amazing Concrete Finishes enables the desired colour to be obtained and, moreover, doubles the normal resistance to abrasion and wear and tear compared to normal concrete.

Unique and Customizable

Don’t set limits to your imagination: Amazing Concrete finishes concrete flooring goes along with your personality and it adapts to it. Think about a customized solution for your floor and discuss it with our experts.

All Climates

 Treated with a special protective resin that makes it resistant to mold, dust, and absorption, therefore stain-proof. In areas with cold climates, subject to freezing/thawing cycles or in contact with seawater, it is possible to apply a special sealant that makes the surface water-salt repellent and so resistant to extreme agents.

Available in a wide array of colors

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Ideal for a host of residential and commercial applications
Driveways  –   Sidewalks – Walkways  – Patios – Entryways – Pool Decks



Once we are contacted, you can provide us with an appropriate time for us to visit and assess your property and provide insight and recommendations as to what system may be best for your surface or needs.

After an assessment has been made, a quotation will be sent to you and once approval is confirmed the job can start right away.  The standard job/driveway takes about a week, but the time period for a job depends on the size of the area.

  After a job is completed, a special sealant is placed over the finished product and this sealant protects the finish against all elements, whether natural or man-made for an estimated period of 4 years.