Stamped Concrete – What is it?

Stamped Concrete is fast becoming the chosen material to economically add beauty and durability to living spaces and to highly increase your curb appeal.

This system duplicates nature’s most distinctive texture with incredible realism.

Stamped Concrete includes the process of adding texture to make your concrete resemble a wide array of different stones and other paving materials like bricks, flagstones, stone, pavers, seashells or fossils, tile, boulders, wood and many more. It boasts a myriad of standard colors that challenge the eye to tell the difference between a slate, granite, or stone application and the real thing.

Steps to a Completed Decorative Concrete Surface by Amazing Concrete Finishes

The first step to creating a fresh innovative look on your surface, is to call in your concrete experts at Amazing Concrete Finishes. Once we are contacted, you can provide us with an appropriate time for us to visit and asses your property and provide insight and recommendations as to what system may be best for your surface or needs.

After an assessment has been made, a quotation will be sent to you ad once given the go ahead, the job can start right away.

Typically, the standard job/driveway takes about a week, but the time period for a job strongly depends on the size of the area.

After a job is completed, a special sealant is placed over the finished product and this sealant protects the finish against all elements, whether natural or man-made for an estimated period of 4 years.

For maintenance purposes, we recommend that this sealant be reapplied every 4 to 6 years.



So, Why do People Ask for Stamped Concrete Finishes on Their Indoor or Outdoor Living Spaces?

Concrete that is stamped is functional, decorative and adds value to your home. Many homeowners like to add stamped, colored concrete in their landscape designs to add curb appeal and to lend a high-end look to their home.

Super durable and cheaper than real stone, stamped concrete is a great choice for your next renovation project. You can use stamped decorative concrete for outdoor living spaces like: pool decks, driveways, patios, sidewalks, walkways, even parking lots and outdoor kitchen/barbecue pits, not to mention interior living spaces like: the floors of your garages, basements, kitchens and countertops in your kitchen, bathrooms – really anywhere.

It provides a beautiful “canvas” on which we can create an economical replica of more expensive, high-end stone materials while maintaining a natural authentic look. We create a look that will blend with your existing house and landscaping style. Maybe you want the same colors and shapes as existing buildings or other structures, or you want your steps to look brick like your house. We can help you create your next project from start to finish.

We at Amazing Concrete Finishes can install Stamped Concrete at a fraction of the cost of conventional materials, all while offering superior durability and requiring less maintenance. We wish to help you every step of the way to create the perfect design of your decorative concrete whether it is an interior or exterior project.

Call or contact Amazing Concrete Finishes so we can help create an aura of elegance in and around your home or property with the realistic natural beauty of Stamped Concrete.

Remember, our first impression lasts!