Wood or Concrete?

That is the question…

Many of our readers are amazed by the possibility of concrete especially its use in interior renovation as staining takes decorating concrete to NEW heights.

Acid stained concrete - wood finish

This article is all about stained concrete floors.

Concrete floors may require some extra care to make them look gorgeous. This may be achieved by use of different techniques, among them, staining known as acid stained concrete floors. The process of staining the floor may be tricky and a little demanding and may therefore require a professional!

There is a big difference between concrete paint and concrete stain. Staining basically involves a reaction between chemicals and the cement materials. The concrete floor stain colors results from a reaction between hydrochloric acid (water based), inorganic salts and the cement material of the floor. Stained concrete floors look like a marble and are usually beautiful. Different color mixtures can be used to obtain the most desirable stain. Acid staining may be a technique used to make an ordinary stained concrete floors look more elegant and expensive. For people with carpet allergies, acid stained concrete floor may be the most comfortable as they are easy to clean and maintain. When staining a floor a few factors have to be put into consideration. There is need to plan the décor and color scheme of the room prior to staining to avoid undesired results.